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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 18, 2013 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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blowback but we don't know exactly where to put the blame. >> all right, sam. nice to see you. thank you for being with us. we'll see you right here tomorrow at our new time, 7:00 p.m. eastern. hello and welcome to kicking around the soda to the best way it is on the walls around your house. the best choices for glue, there are many and then the history of thumbtacks. did you know they were invented by egyptians as a way to torment virgins 1234 she is hot thearn a time square rolex sold in a sauna on the sun. i am hair with harris faulkner. don't do that to our viewers on fox newschannel. and filling in for andy levy is his fill philanthropist uncle, wellington levey. he donated $100 million to a
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box of salamanders that he promptly ate. the world's richest salamanders. his hepititis cheated on him with tommy lee, my sidekick, bill schulz. and if hilarity was a new drum set i would pound him in my garage. david angelo. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. sorry, dude. [inaudible]. >> thanks. shy should -- should her job be in doubt because she freaked out? an eighth grade teacher at a louisiana middle school has been fired after a student recorded her obscenity-filled rant that was five minutes in loopy length. i must warn you. what the teacher says is profane. if there are any children in the room tell them to get the [bleep] out. >> [bleep].
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>> i don't blame her, all of those kids with the blurry faces. how annoying. says the mom of the boy who smart phoned the the whole thing, i don't talk to my child like that. she has to handle the kids accordingly like send them to the principal's office. none of them deserve to be cursed at like that. maybe so, but everyone deserves to be groomed like this. >> that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen in the last 10 minutes.
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harris, welcome to the program and a pleasure having you here. i mean that 50% of the time. what, if anything -- she got suspended or she was taken off -- >> she was taken off the list. >> do you think that is fair? >> she was taken off the substitute teacher list? i thought it was funny they were going to review it. they have audio, video, up set parents and disturbed children. she wept -- she went off. she freaked out. you can't do that. >> you can review the fact that she is right and you have to instill fear in these brats. perhaps where her classroom is concerned that's the only way you can talk to them. you let me down. >> are are you trying to pre tect this woman's free speech in the classroom? >> how do you know it is her? did you see the giant blur on her face? it could have been anyone. >> psychologists have said that nonverbal is just as abusive at certain young ages is like slapping a kid. if you have her in the act i appreciate the fact for legal reasons
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it, but suspending her and taking her off the substitute list is the right thing to do. that was a late update to the story. it sat all day long with her on the roll. >> i think we broke some news here. >> we did. >> and we have had a couple of days off because of something else. it is good to have real news. it is something people care about. welcome to the show. you look dapper. >> thank you. >> who is worse, the teachers teacher? obviously harris doesn't like the teacher. she thinks teachers are evil. or the punk kid who taped her who is a snitch? i hope that is not a biased question. >> that's not part of the curriculum. they have more cameras in the classroom than what they used to make "space odyssey." she is a substitute. day one find the toughest kid 1k3 beat them up. they have to respect you. also michelle pfeiffer does this and she wins the oscar.
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>> i'm telling you, we are sending mixed messages. andy, tv is about taking sides. 24r is no gray area unless are you in lieu -- lew dobbs' hot tub. you can't say it is the teacher or the kid and they are both right or both wrong. >> i think it is half the teacher and half the kid. the thing is i love to learn, but unlike a lot of people i don't believe everything the man teaches. two plus two is four, but is it though? you see my point? this is one of the cases where i can't approve of what she did, but i want to. it is killing me that i can't approve of what she did, but as harris said x you can't do that. you just can't. >> well, bill, obviously we have a table full of uh poll gists and wimps. you talk like this to yourself off and on street corners
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alone at night and why not enter traffic where your screams of pain will be logical? >> somebody might take me. perhaps i will get some air time like this lady did. this woman said what every substitute teacher is thinking. namely "f" these kids. unfortunately the substitute teachers think to themselves and they say i will not say that. she didn't complete her thought. the fact she vocalized it is the reason she is in the problem. >> at one point she called her a blank beast. she is beastial. >> which is why she should call me pronto. >> that's not what i meant. >> that's what iment. >> i meant acting in an unorthodox way. >> you don't need to swear to get kids' respect, but it helps. i think if you have kids that are -- she comes in -- you know what she does? she is a substitute teacher.
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she knows she is the target. she is the iron fist. you screw with me, you better watch ut. it makes her day easier and she knows if she doesn't do that she will get attacked. >> that's what you do with us. >> you can do that without all of the words that have to be bleeped. >> can you? >> yes. >> i am not so sure. >> i am sure. >> can we for once do away with the idea that swear words are like shocking? when we go home we say [bleep] all the time. >> are you going to write that down? >> yes, i am going to write that down. then we have to act like oh my god, why do we do that? >> it is a classroom. it is not a bar. it is not you and me and the guys hanging out as adults. it is the context of it all. i do think it is interesting that nobody shouted back which is why i think the student knew this was coming. she has been there before. she is a regular substitute. >> it is completely
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contentious. harris outside of work, like a sailor. i have to look the words up on an urban dictionary. she would never say that at work. >> contextually it was an introduction to swear classes. >> this is the problem. we don't read the stories. >> can i just say you should be broadcasting news with that voice. that voice is penetrating. >> now you have to write back. >> i don't think that is a swear word. >> i believe she has the worst mouth. >> it is pretty much you and steve doocy. the dooc is loose. when we hear his mouth it is sexual harassment. >> that's what they call it? they call it sexual harass meant. >> i meant that with respect. >> it beats mother faulkner.
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would it be a boom for those who spoon? they tout intimate, nonsexual touching as a form of therapy. for $60 an hour you can cuddle with some attractive 20 somethings. i doubt that. it was supposed to open on tuesday, but delayed until the owner addresses the concerns of city officials who will be the regular customers including the potential for prostitution. the meetinger says security buttons and a panic button will enforce good behavior. i have a panic button, but it means don't come in. it includes elderly and hospice patients because, quote, there are so many people who don't have a significant other in their lives and they just need to be held. that's what i tell the police. we asked snuggle house employee to comment.
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>> see that's actually a better economic model. it is to create a place where you go and snuggle with a puppy or kitten which is better than a stranger who will not have sex with you. you are going to a place where somebody is touching you, but there is no sexual contact. it just doesn't make sense. >> it sounds like marriage year 15. just kidding. >> how long have you been married? >> 10 years this year. >> i will be 10 years this year too. >> congratulations. no one cares. >> you started this meaning less conversation and i intend to finish it with a point. what do you think of this hugging place? >> i think it is interesting their target clientele are elderly and those who are in hospice.
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>> do you think it is true? >> they need a snuggle. >> you are right, but there is something weird. >> if it is true, which of those two would be hookers? >> are you suggesting a guy would open a snuggle house may not tell the truth about what is in the snuggle house? >> yes, and i think he may have a shady background. do you have any information on the shad de background? >> no. he has a book out. it is called "misfit to millionaire" where he explains how he went from having a sex addiction or a recovering sex addict. >> because are you never cured. >> but he is now a millionaire. good luck finding the book because i did every google search i could think of and i couldn't find it, but i found a lot of good stuff. he is also the ceo of a supplement and skin care company. they celery new, re-align and relight. it doesn't sound at all like a scam. >> i wouldn't even call it a pyramid scheme because that would be wrong. >> that would be wrong. i don't think it is a
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pyramid. everyone is down here and he is right there. >> he is cuddling his money. david, do you really think this is a legitimate enterprise? >> i don't know what kind of sick people pay money to get into bed with someone and then not have sex with them. that's deranged. then what do you push it in the shadows snuggling? on one level you want to do it and let them do it. if they don't things could happen. they could do it out in the street and forming relationships and people will be getting married and all of that stuff. >> last thing i want to see is back alley snuggling. >> go down 42nd street. it is $50 for a hand -- to hold hands. >> bill, you never kissed a woman. but have you cuddled with your roommate hobo carl. this place sounds like your ideal speed. >> yes, but cuddling is code for hobo carl. who is jealous now?
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>> what is it for? >> holding hands. of course he is a former sex addict. that is the best name ever. he sounds like a gimp with a mexican wrestler max on. mask on. you go to snuggle and then it is matthew hertado and he is chained up to something and you do more than snuggle with him. >> that's quite a fantasy. >> i read a book, you guys. >> this is the part that really creeped me out. the assistant manager of snuggle house told a local news reporter, and i will quote, matthew is our creator, our owner and he is really taking care of everything for us. we have matthew, and he is taking care of us forever and ever. >> i didn't see that part. >> she really did say that. >> if they are really trying to attract the elderly and people in hospice i am afraid for them. >> look at these beds. >> they are not beds. they are snuggle offices.
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>> let's do a final ppoint. any fetish can be turned into a therapy. say your fetish is touching strangers. you say i will open a cuddle factory. then i could charge you to actually experience my fetish. maybe my fetish is the opposite of your fetish and then we could both pay each other. >> are you saying you had a problem with kids and you may build an amusement park in your backyard to lure them into your paw lay shall mansion in california? i am not buying it. from snuggling to snarking did he flog those who blog? it is time for the lasted decision -- the last edition i hope. president obama, that is really his name, had a message for congress. knock it off. he noted that many analysts think the shutdown slowed the economic growth and claimed our credibility has taken a hit. what credibility? and he had some advice on how
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to fix things. >> and now that the government is reopened and the threat to our economy is removed, all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists and the bloggers and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who profit from conflict and focus on what the majority of americans send us here to do. >> he is so short below that painting. there was this oddness as the house was voting to raise the debt ceiling and reopen the government. the house stenographer approached the speaker's chair and began to talk with a crazed look. >> he will not be mum. he will not be mum. the greatest deception here is this is not one nation undergod. it never was. had it been, it would not have been -- no. it would not have been -- the constitution would not have been written like free
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masons. it goes against god. you cannot serve -- >> i think she was saying what everyone was thinking. she was eventually escorted off the house floor and taken to a hospital. for more let's check in with our capitol hill correspondent. this bear. >> it is funny. a lot of kids want to play tether ball with him, but then he eats them. >> that's what bears do. >> that's what they do. the middle school's fault for allowing a bear to go to school there. >> i am more angry he swore at one of the children. >> harris, should congress not listen to lobbyist bloggers, talking heads and activists? >> you mean the people? honestly outside of voting and then the polling which is showing some glaring errors on this whole strategy of not listening to the people how else do they get the word
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out? they go on the internet and talk to people who represent them and what are they saying, don't listen to constituents when you go home to the next break which is october 28th. they will be spending a lot of time with these people. technically they are a former community organizer and isn't he one of the activists he is telling people to ignore? >> he changes his tune. is the lesson the fault of bloggersgers and radio hosts like myself? >> i don't know about that. i mean, i've been -- no one has been paying attention to me for so many years that it falls on deaf ears what he is saying today. i can't empathize. >> did you say something? >> that's exactly it. she is america. >> honestly i am glad the shutdown is over. i had the secretary of the interior sleeping on my couch all week. i don't know.
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now just listen to official memos. that's the thing. that's all i ever do. >> exactly. andy, you were nodding your head throughout the whole thing saying right on sister when the tape of the staw stenographer was playing. explain what is wrong with the free masons? >> ben franklin, paul revere, john hancock, patrick henry, known to be free masons or ma sonic connections. one of the requirements for joining the masons is for candidates to declare their belief in a supreme being. for her to say the masons go against god is a sloppy research. she needs to do better research. she also said the holy spirit woke her up in the middle of the night to tell her to give the speech about the masons. i am not saying it is not true. maybe it is. i also think it is possible she fell asleep in front of the tv and the holy spirit looked like nick cage from "national treasure." >> i have to go to bill and i think obama was talking about you. >> i do not blog, greg.
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i don't even own a radio. can't afford those things. on my salary? but andrew, you are correct. the masons were founded on a belief in god. but they only admitted prot extents. catholics? god lord no and jews? protestants were allowed, and women? no, no, no. that's why the founding fathers had good ideas . what is it like to work with employees you don't like? harris falkner talks about her new book. i hate everybody. >> i did not say that or write about it. >> it is too late. we have the book. >> are oreos like cocaine? if that is true boy did i waste a lot of money last night.
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should we be more of a palgebra with algebra? they are ranked 20th out of 23 countries and economists claims most of us report -- aren't bad at math, but we say we are as an excuse not to try. they say it is time to rethink our approach to math and discourage use to the expression good at math or bad at math. they only serve to excuse -- as an excuse to under perform. more classes and better trained teachers will help. the most important part is getting students and teachers to push themselves like this fella.
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>> that's amazing, harris. harris, we are ranked 20th out of 23 countries countries countries in math, but since we are bad in math it is okay because we don't know. >> it is disturbing to find out according to psychological research makes us smarter and more disciplined. if we are not getting exposed to it are we going backwards? no matter how we compare to the other countries we are the best in the world. if we decide to wake up tomorrow and catch up as america, we can do it, we just have to make a decision to do that. >> we have to apply our -- ourself, david. that's a phrase that you heard 20, 30 years ago. but nobody says apply yourself. you would be better in math if you apply yourself. would you be better in math? >> i am great in math. i am the anomaly. >> we don't do english here. >> the study just doesn't add up. >> i don't follow. >> you cut into his joke.
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>> that's all right. there will be more. >> promise they will be as good as that one. >> you know what, let me tell you, our leaders in washington, they set the bad example for math. every time they do the budget they forget to carry the 1 trillion. >> i would like to teachers and and -- to teachers and them -- >> did you sell him the still let toe? did you sell that to leno? >> i tried, he didn't take it. >> that's a good one. what is the point of math, period? >> if we are 20th out of 23 ready out of 23 countries that is still in the top half, so not too shabby. >> what? oh boy. >> the problem is, greg, somebody has to make the smartphones. somebody has to program the computers and the cal could calculaters and stuff like that. this is not good. it is really not dwood and i say that as somebody that is
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bad at math even though i am not supposed to say that. i can read books about the philosophy of quantum physics, but in actual physics class in high school i was horrible. i don't understand math. >> you don't apply yourself, andy. that's what it is. >> if i had a nickel for every time i have heard that which was thousands of times i would have a couple dollars. >> you would. >> bill, both mathematicians agree that crap, plus crap equals you. >> do you know what most means? >> yes, i do. >> i will take your word for it. i understand the conceit that it is a lazy excuse. none of us are bad at math. i am here to tell you that i am bad at math. my science teacher and my math teacher in high school, and this is true, they actually colluded to fake pass me.
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oh my i was not. but it was to get me out of high school. you know why i know that? they told me when i graduated. they turned my f's into b's and off i went to a crap college. i at thank you, mr. sullivan, and mr. carmichael my math teacher who is now mrs. carmichael. >> we will get letters from emerson college. >> i didn't say i went to emerson. >> by the way i could use some cocaine. >> when is that not the case? >> it is true though. somebody has to build the bridges. you can't major in humanities and build a bridge. you can't. just because you take gender studies -- no. >> you can major in humanities and liberal arts and you can be on tv. >> i think you can do both. if you built the bridge you have every right to write the
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-ccentance speech at the ground breaking and be good at it. i think you can multi task. america will lean on this. we have to say we know the square root of 289 is 17. >> let's get an f and call it a d and move on. >> we have great teeth though. basically we have conquered the calculus on our teeth. ladies and gentlemen, coming up, so does something, something, something, something? well you will be something when we find out next. is this the best song of the year or just really racist? why can't it be both?
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no one understand my dental joke. plaque on your teeth is called calculus. look it up and e-mail me and say , greg, are you right. i'm sorry other people at your table are stupid fools. was it insane or humane? >> not here. >> come on. >> i didn't hear him say it. >> it is not true. >> let's get to the story. last week a north carolina middle school staged a fake armed robbery. sending a staff member to 6th grade classrooms wearing a ski mask and carrying a toy gun.
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the students were initially terrified before learning it was a stunt. but parents, of course, weren't too thrilled. they sent a letter home claiming it was part of an exercise and for kids to be aware of their surroundings. that's a great excuse. i am just into the playground without my pants on. it is because i want the kids to be aware of perverts. and perverts like me are here -- no, anyway. i had a beckel. you start going maybe i should shut up. the school district is investigating, however, adding, quote, the exercise in its original intent was appropriate, but how it was executed lacked judgment. i think we will use our mouth holes on this one and discuss -- >> lightning roooooooouuuunnnndd. lightning round. >> harris, you are a parent or so you claim, although we have yet to see proof. how upset would you be if this
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happened where your kids went to school? >> i would be furious because my children are four and six years old and never want to go back. i know this will put too fine a point on the sick kids, but we have kids with cardiac problems and asthma issues that can be strig triggered by stress. if they are not learning to stop, drop and roll, if there is not something you are teaching them they can repeat over and over and drill home something that might happen like a fire, fire drill so on and so forth, it is abusive. how do you teachers and to prepare for mass murder? i am thinking it will be different every time. it seems like undo stress. >> i didn't think about kids with disabilities. >> they could have a panic attack. >> it will make you think, period. >> sometimes i don't even prepare. >> this is on the level of i remember when something happened at another school and mommy and daddy cried for a week. they wouldn't let me watch what happened in newtown, connecticut, but i into you something was wrong.
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this seems excessive and abusive. the fact that the school board needs to study this is really painful. what are they studying? apologize. >> i get it, harris. you don't like it. >> sorry. i feel strongly. you taped into the mommy gene. >> i didn't think you would take it seriously. >> i am a parent too and i forgot about it. >> it is a lightning round. >> all right, i deserved that. >> david, i noy it is hard to make jokes after -- i know it is hard to make jokes after that. do you think the kids learned lessons here? >> in california we had earthquake drills that were important, but the earthquake drills didn't have teachers throwing shelves at us and hitting us with rocks. >> i don't think it is that useful. you hit on a lot of good points. you are not going to repeat it. if the kids want to get back at the school officials they should say that there is a state employee roaming the halls and trying to link teacher pay to student
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performance. >> excellent. >> we are really going against the teachers today. >> we love them. >> we do love our teachers. unfortunately some of them love us back. andy, a few employees had to have talked over this idea before trying it. should they be fired or fired up for a promotion? >> fired up for a promotion. this is insanity. the reason it is insanity is how low the threat of an actual armed attack on a school is. they are doing these drills as if these things happen -- it is not a fire drill. fires happen. don't scare the hell out of kids for something that is an incredibly low percentage chance of happening. run emergency drills and give the kids a heads up if you are going to run them. this is not the battle school. you don't need to do this. >> when i was growing up it was don't take candy from strangers or if there is a guy in a white van, blah, blah, blah, ignore him.
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it was always somebody you knew that was the issue. the guy who ran the club, the friendly uncle. >> are you confessing? >> i think we are breaking through. >> bill you shower -- >> i feel dirty. >> i don't care. i am getting this question out. you shower and brush your teeth with a ski mask on, but because you hate the man you have become and can't stand to look at the face in the mirror. >> i am glad you are able to maintain focus i think i speak for america. >> that's the only reason we did the story. we can agree this was excessive. it is not much of a gold statement there, but things at the way things were not 50 years ago. across the country they were the cold war kids and they were told to avoid nuclear
12:38 am
armageddon and they had to hold their hands over their head. 245* was going save them from the nuclear bomb. i hear you are scaring kids and probably hoarding their psyche for a lifetime. here is the thing, if a nuclear thing strikes near that school they will be dust. you are fooling them and not preparing them for anything. at least this thing may have a logical end game. >> next topic, is the oreo a lot like blow? a new study claims america's favorite cookie is as addictive as drugs. researchers at connecticut college found the delicious treats fired up more pleasure centers in the rodent's brain than cocaine or morphine. explained one egg egghead, quote, the high at that fat, high sugar foods stimulates the brain the way drugs do. high fat, high sugar foods may prevent more of a danger. that's because of their
12:39 am
accessibility and affordability. spoken like somebody who has bt -- hasn't done hard drugs. i am offended. are you buying this study or ignoring it altogether? >> i do eat at an inhuman amount of oreo cookies. >> i am a lab rat according to the story. and since it is the lightning round i will no longer be speaking. >> talk about taking something permanently. personally. >> i'm sure you had something good to say and we will never hear it. >> this is a glass table. maybe she wants more time so she can focus on the cocaine part. >> nobody goes broke thanks to an oreo binge. it can't be as bad as heroin and coke. >> it is terrible. oreos are a gateway treat. i started eating them in third grade and by high school i was free basing pep ridge farms
12:40 am
salsalitos. you don't want to go down that road. >> but you are clean now, right? >> one day at a time. >> that's all you can do. >> the funny thing is they can't give uh chip. and when you go to the meeting they serve you booze. there is a line of coke there for you. andy, do you think all junk food should be made illegal which i think is a strange position for a libertarian. let's look at the study. the press released found eating cook tikis -- cookies had more stimulators. >> tallly it is more uh addictive, but you don't want to say that because you say cocaine and if oreos are just
12:41 am
as addictive why aren't they addicted to them? unlike a rat in a maze we have free will and we hang out with other people. i don't. bit most people hap -- but most people sit with other people besides look in a maze and talk about oreo. >> they do not have exter national life. they just have the cocaine or the or yow. >> and that's awesome. >> i am jealous as hell. >> bill, i know you
12:42 am
bald, tailed or not does that. you have the cookies with the cream and it doesn't do anything. every mammal does that. >> we are looking for the sweet part and the exter national part of the oreo. >> as opposed to the chocolate? >> or maybe they are all racist. >> i have to call my sponsor. >> nobody has of eaten oreos and then bored you to death talking about their screenplay. all right, time to take a break. we have a lot more stuff to talk about. the greatest book ever written -- >> you wrote a book? >> i have written a lot of books. g it doesn't have the word killing in it.
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so -- should they have
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researched more before their big score? suspects arrested for robbing a bank searched the internet on tips on how to pull off the heist and the consequences if they got caught. sara mccloud, on the left, robert owens and daniel murphy were ?abed -- nabbed a few hours after knocking over a boston bank on friday. the cops say mccloud's computer was recently used to search for the phrases, if you are going to rob a bank. what happens if you rob a bank? and oddly, why do i dream about dwreg? i am flattered, but please leave me out of your twist twisted fantasies. >> the female with the computer on it, is that a coincidence? >> they no with the president's new signature health care law that would be internet glitches. they were practicing their computer skills. >> interesting. >> that would have held up in court.
12:47 am
>> david, aren't you amazed you can put everything into google and they probably got the answer. >> yeah, but if you look at their mug shot they cooperate find an answer for how do i take care of my hair? >> the guy on the right has been eat august lot of oreo cookies. he looks like the pleasure zone. >> andy, did they get caught because the internet didn't have gad tips or because they were dumb? >> two things. one you get whatever they looked up. if you were called a couple hours afterwards you are not look up the right stuff. i don't know how many times i have to say this to bank robbers, go to tour project .org. download the tour bundle and surf the web anonymously if you use it properly. no one can track the site and no one can tell where you visited from. >> are you now an accessory. >> i am just sick of -- >> bank robbers ? >> be good at your job.
12:48 am
>> bill, you robbed three banks since the show started a half an hour ago. what is the key to getting away with it? >> now that you just told everyone nothing. you just may me realize that if we looked at o'reilly's laptop would it say how would i kill kennedy? that's how he does his research. you don't need two authors, kid. >> i do dumb searches all the time. there is a metaphor and you need it and you say that is as edgy as something and i will say things that are soft. >> like a pillow. can sell your service. >> you are like a human gum ball. >> i forgot the word for when you are allowed to have sex with your wife in jail. i typed in today, sex, marriage, prison van.
12:49 am
>> you are the google search engine. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something, does president everything. click on submit a video. the last topic of the night is coming up and it is a doozie.
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i will be on the o'reilly factor on friday. bill is back on the real story with gretchen carlson. a new "red eye" will air on saturday. we have miss america 2008 and comedian joe derosa. what an extreme in fiscal tee. that's saturday at 11:00 eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. >> e block. last story. that's the last story. >> it was like a before and after picture of a horrible, disfiguring accident. she sang about chow mein. the so-called writer behind the greatest song ever, rebecca black's "friday" is in need of a birthday present. this is allison gold and her song "chinese food."
12:54 am
>> ♪ i like the egg roll ♪ i like the wonton stew." ♪ fortune cookie. ♪ chinese food ♪ i love chinese food ♪ you know that it's true ♪ i love chinese ♪ chow mein, chow m-m-mmein. >> they say it is about chinese food, but they say it is bestiality. >> i bet somebody taped her on the shoulder and said do you want to be famous? wewe are we are talking about it. >> i love chinese food and china and the chinese people, unlike harris faukner. >> send your letters to harris. >> it is like i am not even talking. >> david, she has done enough
12:55 am
damage. >> i think it is a great message, unlike harris. >> it is a good video. somebody flipped it on a menu on my door. >> it is nice. here is the thing. initially i didn't like the song that much. >> and then he took her out. >> then an hour later i wanted to hear it again. >> bill. wow, we should make a video of you getting run over by a semi. >> maybe he is wearing the uniform -- seven million hits on youtube. seven million. this guy -- we can't make fun of patrice wilson. he is doing something right. and this is true too. in the video the guy playing the panda, that is patrice. >> really? >> he takes the hat off and starts wrapping about chinese
12:56 am
food. hard to rhyme with msg. >> andy, i saw you humming along with the song. you love it. >> no. and as a jew, aka connoisseur of food. here is what bothers me. she reads her fortune and says you won't find a great friend. it says you will find a new friend too. there is no way her fortune could say you cannot find a new friend. it makes no sense. the whole video is invalidated for that. the pedophile panda express i don't like. it is a shame we show this. >> do you think he did this video so the guy can dress up like a panda. >> we want to watch girls play pillow fights. >> by the way ilove chinese food. i eat it four to five times a week. >> and much like this video you regret it the next morning. >> that's true. i regret a lot of things the next morning. waking up.
12:57 am
special thanks to bill schulz and andy levy and david angelo. you have tom back to the east coast. i love the tone of your voice. it is like milk over my nay yesterday back. of
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
health care. 9:20 eastern. the five is next. hello everyone. i'm greg gutfeld. once dated raggedy andy. it's 5:00 in new york city i'm told. so the standoff is over. who won? who lost? who cares? the media will say the president of course. when a president's victory is a nation's loss that kind of sucks. when the good news is we're more in debt i'll take the bad. i wish the standoff never ended because now obama can get back to work. the can that keeps getting


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